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Welcome to Warthan Group, your powerful partner in commercial property systems, training and consulting.

Warthan Group seminars and workshops cover a wide range of topics and
will improve your commercial facility and the effectiveness of your operations team!

    Indoor Air Quality

    There is more to IAQ than meets the eye or nose or ears. It takes understanding, teamwork, coordination, and planning. The approach combines design, construction, commissioning, occupation, long term maintenance, and management's on-going actions.

    Energy Management and Power Quality

    Energy conservation, utility consumption, and efficiency, coupled with performance, make or break facility operations. All energy consuming systems have to be evaluated. Many questions need to be answered as one makes plans. Questions such as payback, new equipment or retrofit, internal maintenance or contract, and more must be entertained.

    Security and Protection

    Are your assets protected? Think about the 'what ifs'. Facility, equipment, and personnel security is not just an overseas concern. Protection takes understanding and a plan.

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    Automation Systems and Controls

    Building Automation Systems are the key to any structural strategy, whether that strategy is for efficiency, cost cutting, security or the best of operations. But not all systems are alike. Let your BAS meet your needs. Know your needs.

Chillers, Cooling Towers and Water Treatment

Production of chilled water can be for human comfort, or processing, or both. How to produce it is another question? Do I want air cooled or water cooled? Do I want ground mounted or rooftop mounted? Which type of compressor will perform to my wants? What about single loop vs primary/secondary?....and more

Building heating systems: Air and Water

Facilities have heating needs. What works for me? Do I want air or hot water? What about steam? Where from and how moved? Will steam be better than hot water? Is there a cost factor?

Learn how to diagnose, manage and tune your commercial heating systems for maximum efficiency. Warthan Group will take the mystery out of your sky-high heating bills and show you how to manage your heating plant at peak efficiency for decades into the future.

Ventilation, Fan Systems and Air Balance

Buildings are living breathing mechanisms, inhale and exhale, intake and exhaust, supply and return, primary air, clean air and return, long duct and short, rooftop and ground, air handler and package. All of this and more make up the ventilation network.

We offer up-to-date training programs for your operations staff and property management teams.

Available Training Programs

The wide range of training programs we bring to you are a product of our strong network with other training and consulting service providers like Throughput Management.

They can build custom training programs to suit your needs or operate behind the scenes to directly support your training programs and public speakers along with developing presentation materials or produce complete turn-key seminars.

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Meet Dr. Nelson B. Warthan

Nelson provides personal attention to client requests for specialized and customized workshops and training events. There is never extra cost or hassle to create tailored training to fit special facilities or unique situations.

What makes Nelson tick?
  • Time

    In June 2017, Nelson celebrated 50 years in training, consulting, and leadership. Warthan Group is proud to have over 20 years in incorporated endeavors.

  • Range

    Multiple disciplined expertise with diversified talents and skills.

  • Veteran

    30 plus years of honorable service, peacetime, combat and conflict environments. This experience includes multiple positions within multiple command and on staff.

  • National Recognition

    Nationally recognized technical, managerial, facilities consultant.

  • On Camera

    Film, television, and radio personality.

  • Credentials

    Dr. Warthan holds a Ph.D. in Business Administration with secondary emphasis in Engineering Management (CCU), a Masters In Business and Aviation Management (ERAU), and graduated as a lawyers assistant from The National Center for Paralegal Training (NCPT). He holds credentials "Valid For Life" in the California college system, and also is certified in multiple EPA programs.

  • Strong Background

    Background experience at federal, state, and local levels.

  • Reach

    Many Fortune 500 companies have personnel that have benefited from Nelson's programs.

  • Train and Entertain

    Develops and conducts programs that train AND entertain.

Meet our Partner Elegant Property

Warthan Group is a proud partner of Elegant Property Buyers, Inc. a nation-wide real estate company buying, renovating, selling, leasing and advising on residential, commerical and industrial property. You can visit their website to learn more about them here

Meet our Partner Throughput Management

Warthan Group is a proud partner of Throughput Management Inc., offering commerial and industrial property, process and automation consulting services with a focus on energy management, efficiency improvement and operational fine-tuning. Check out their website here

Standards and Codes

Training programs and consulting supports and familiarizes recipients with those standards and codes that are the foundation of facility operations and systems today. Programs can also be code dependent. The Warthan Group library of options can include federal codes, organizational standards and guidelines, state specific, or industry specific training.

LEED and Green Standards

Warthan Group offers assistance and guidance in planning for facility recognition. This can be done by pre-planning workshops or step-by-step continuous assistance. Energy efficiency, improved design, and decreasing all costs, are the commandments of the 21st century.

Operations and Maintenance

Face the facts! Architects design and oversee construction, contractors build it, operators and managers keep it running and maintenance professionals keep it alive and healthy. Knowledge and continuing education support each of the aforementioned elements.


Water is mother natures' most critical resource. Conservation is critical. Cleanliness is critical. Usage is programmed. Recycling is an option. Gray water is an alternative. Water ops involve more than meets the eye. Ask about our water conservation programs when you call or write.

Management and Leadership Support

We provide management and decision makers, "reach out" capability. Whether it be for training development or operation consulting or verbal assistance. Warthan Group wants to be your long term facility partner.

Custom Operator Training

Technical and equipment training is an on-going process. Manpower shortages are happening in all areas. The retirement numbers are increasing everyday. Cross-training within organizations is becoming a popular option. On the other hand, technology changes in every facet of building operations and systems and codes require training to all on a regular basis.

Training Program Opportunities and Topics

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